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We translate from Swedish to English. 

We proofread English.  Write copy.  Do re-writes.

Quality Assurance
You provide the complete Swedish text for translation before we send a quotation for time estimate, deadline and price.

To ensure satisfaction it is important to discuss beforehand the type of language required.

If you have very specific needs for a certain writing style or jargon, please be clear about this and provide a sample in English of the sort of thing you want, including any corporate guidelines or specialist vocabulary lists necessary.

Unless you specify otherwise, the translator will initially submit a short sample of your text, translated into English, for approval. Once you have approved this sample and agreed on a deadline for delivery of the complete text, we will go ahead.

If there is a very tight unexpected deadline and urgent delivery required within less than a week, then the hourly rate is doubled.

Is there a special rate for large projects?

Yes. We offer discount on bulk translations. Discounts begin at 2,000 words. 

You may contact us for discounts and offers directly.

Do we carry out small jobs?

Definitely! The minimum charge of 600 SEK per hour covers all translations up to 140 words. Or around 1/3 of an A4 page.

Customer Satisfaction
What if I'm not satisfied with the result?
If you have reason to believe that the translation is incorrect, then you may ask for corrections or improvements.
If you are still not satisfied with the finished result, payment will still be charged according to the agreed quotation.
If you wish for the text to be re-written a second time, the hourly rate is charged accordingly.

Need to record your text? 
We offer fully professional sound recording, casting of qualified and experienced voice actors as well as audio branding.  See more here.

We also translate from Italian to English and have working knowledge of  French.

Translation Sw - Eng

Remember a translation is never as good as the original but we can make it as good as possible. Contact us as regards your language and text problems. We take on individual translation assignments from Swedish to English.


Many text assignments need improvement or re-writing. You might have a Swedish template or an English text that needs adapting for clients who wish to avoid a word-by-word translation. 


Short of ideas? Need a native speaker? We write original English language copy and have many years' experience with academic text, corporate & business documentation as wel as advertising and drama.
Contact us for estimates and quotation for your assignment.


We can proofread your text, script or audio.

If you need recording of your text we offer fully professional recording sounds, audio branding and a sound engineer. 

Read more here

What does it cost you?

Proofreading Rates

We charge 500 SEK per hour for proofreading of English text.

We charge 700 SEK for re-writes.

Remember very complex or specialised text requires research. Sometimes original texts require complete re-writing. 

Translation Rates

We charge between 600 SEK and 1000 SEK per hour for translation from Swedish to English. Depending on the level of complexity and the deadline.

This is based on the average number of words (350) on a standard page. The amount of time taken depends on the language field of the text.
Very complex or specialised text requires research. Sometimes original texts require complete re-writing.


Working with text is a balance between timing and amount of words.

Translating a 100-word text takes about an hour. 

A qualified, experienced translator has a daily capacity of around 2000 words.

Alternatively one can calculate a pay-per-word rate of between 1.5 SEK and 1.9 SEK depending on the complexity of the language.

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