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Professional English Language Voiceovers, Recording & Editing

Need a professional English voice?
 Vanessa Poole has worked recording English-language voice-overs since she was a child, recording English radio plays for schools. Today over 30 years later she records in English for infomercials, documentaries, corporate video, radio, commercials, e-learning, computer games and documentaries.  Scripts include drama, comedy, narration, character voices, advertising and educational material. Vanessa is a regular voice for Ericsson, Tetra Pak, SVT, Ikea, Sandvik, UNESCO, Candy Crush and more.

As a native English speaker, Vanessa speaks British English /BBC English, has a good ear and can produce many native British & American and other accents convincingly.

Opus Anglia offers quick and highly professional recording through collaboration with Rikoschette Recording Studios.

Sound engineer Olle Nielsen delivers audio branding, musical score & composition as well as raw sound. Rikoschett has 25 years experience of professional sound design, sound production, sonic branding and recording. He is an acclaimed film music composer with state of the art recording facilities for professional English language and multi language recordings.

Rikoschett recording studio has the following facilities:

MacPro Software ProTools HD Equipment

MacPro Preamp

Interface U-audio Apollo X6

Microphone Neumann KM 184 

or Schoeps CMOT-U

Delivery of sound files as


Listen to Vanessa's voice below:

Acconeer corporate video & commercial for global distribution. Voiceover@Vanessa Poole

Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak advert/ coprorate video. Global distribution. Voiceover@Vanessa Poole


Voiceover@Vanessa Poole. Corporate video /commercial. Global distribution.


TV advert UK. Global distribution. Voiceover@Vanessa Poole


World Health documentary. Global distribution. Voiceover@ Vanessa Poole


At Opus Anglia we also cast for English-language and other voicever artists, as well as record and deliver sound. Contact us if you need a voice in English or other quality recording, professional performance and delivery. We also offer rates for script editing, tablereads & proofreading of your scripts & audio.

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