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Intercultural Communication Training


(IKEA of Sweden/ Justine Lauber, Global Visual Merchandising Leader

Communication & Interior Design:)

"The “Swedishness” seminar in Almhult was terrific! I’ve been with the company a while but I thought I should attend just in case. It didn’t disappoint and I had many new insights. Vanessa is a dynamic speaker and storyteller.
The day flew by in a flash because I was so entertained and having fun. “

We offer intercultural communication training as:

  1. half-day or full-day seminars / workshops
  2. inspirational one-off lectures for events 
  3. in-depth longer courses

  - for teams and organisations tackling issues when working across borders and in international environments.

If behaviour unintentionally makes you laugh or you find something surprising when working across borders, it is possible you are in the presence of a cultural difference.

What is intercultural training?

What is a business culture?

Business everywhere depends on trust, rapport & credibility. 

Cultural awareness is how to move from a national to an international mindset - how to reach a third, new reality, a compromise between two worlds. It often involves a contract or commitment to change.

Such a small change can have a huge impact on relations between cultures.

A 20% change in behaviour can lead to an 80% change in attitude.

Language in itself is an important factor, but even when the language barrier has been overcome, there are often misunderstandings due to differences in styles of verbal and non-verbal communication and our reasoning and expectations of each other.

What business culture are you interested in?

We offer half day, full day seminars and in-depth cultural training.

We specialise in living and working in the Nordics. 

We also give workshops on working across cultural borders, based on contemporary intercultural communication theory  accessing the research of Copenhagen Business School and the work of John Mole, Richard R. Gesteland, Geert Hofstede, Richard D. Lewis and more.  

Our lecturers have a lifetime of living and moving between cultures professionally ourselves.

At Opus Anglia we are specialists in Swedish business culture for ex-pats and our Chief Executive Trainer has repeatedly delivered crossculture training to large international organisations in Sweden. She is a Certified Business Culture Trainer , BCTC (International House, London), with a degree in communications, a working background in theatre, radio, journalism.

We can also tailor-make intercultural training for other target cultures.  Talk to us first!


When you work across borders, always prioritise:

“What’s the one thing I need to know here?"

"What do locals expect me to know?"

"How do I seem to them?”

Understanding cultural differences is essential to successful global management.

What market are you targeting? Planning to expand business to a new part of the world? Bringing in ex-pats to do the job? Your international team not happy? Communication not running smoothly?

Research has proved there are six Key Cultural Differentiators which show differences in how people think regarding:


2.Respect for Authority


4.Attitudes to Time



Who attends intercultural training with Opus Anglia?

•Swedes & non-Swedes

•Swedes looking to work with international contacts

•Ex-pats in Sweden

•Any company or organisation based in or outside Sweden who need a better international mind-set to work with their contacts

•Any group of international colleagues who need to operate as a cohesive and effective team

•Newly arrived colleagues and their families from overseas

•International university students


There are seven practical steps we at Opus Anglia consider for your Cultural Awareness course:

1. Initial contact with you, the client

2. Briefing from client

3. Proposal by you as to needs

4. Date in diary for course start

5. Pre-seminar questionnaires: send to client

6. Delivery of course & Course Evaluation

7. Report & follow-up

Free taster! Sample Lecture

If you are considering hiring Opus Anglia, we can also come and hold a minimum 30 minute sample of an intercultural lecture for your HR department, so you can judge for yourself the sort of short seminar and/or tailor-made staff training we can deliver. Then we can discuss what solution and how much training your organisation needs.

Planning a corporate event? Need a speaker?
For a quick solution contact Vanessa Poole as a speaker to liven up your corporate event or kick-off, with an interactive, entertaining, informative and inspirational intercultural lecture on Sweden or another business culture. 
This is a fun day, as informative and enlightening as it is entertaining!


What does Tailor-made Intercultural Team Training look like?

During training participants will receive:

Solid deliverables : worksheets, diagrams, facts, statistics,

Pre-reading and post-reading suggestions



Case Scenarios


Workshop input and exercises

1-2-3 Day Workshops

Sample Course:
In-depth Business Culture Sensitivity training

Course Description for your organisation

Example: Living and Working in Sweden.




•Inspirational high impact lecture explaining major cultural differences and similarities impacting on business and communication

•Some background to intercultural communication theories

•Intensive and in-depth workshops

• Highly interactive sessions complemented by exercises

PERIOD OF REFLECTION/time to process input and reflect, to adjust, try out, list questions, experience the target culture


•Brainstorming sessions. We listen to you and how you feel

•Coaching individuals to project the right image and generate respect and trust Building common ground in a team

•Create an understanding of different management styles and corporate cultures

Sample course:
Preparing your staff for an overseas assignment?

If you are targeting a specific business culture, we at Opus Anglia can pre-build a cultural profile to:

•Identify the participants’ comfort zone

•Define the target market they need to interact with

•Define the inter-personal skills of participant & of target culture

It is also important to define where possible for that target culture, its:

•Historical perspective

•Current political climate

•Social behaviour

•Business culture within and without the company

•Language aspect


At the end of any intercultural training with Opus Anglia, course participants should be able to answer the following:

1.What have I learnt?

2.What will it do for me?

3.What will I do to achieve it?


Intercultural Communication Training with Opus Anglia

what will be the outcome  of training with us ?

An understanding of your own communication style
- the ability to see yourself as others see you


_ better understanding of the cultures of other team members - put yourself in their shoes, especially when under pressure

Specific practical tools
- for working more successfully with a multicultural team.

Effective communication
- face-to-face and remotely

New or altered personal strategies
- a customised approach for yourself designed to build effective working relationships

Commitment by you to continued personal development

Reduced value clashes
- when working across cultures

Better meeting skills
- adapt your communication when you persuade people - to negotiate with them, to work in teams , to build and gain trust, for difficult conversations, for leadership


What business culture are you interested in?
"The World is a Global Village" (Marshall McLuhan),  now more than ever.

Need to develop a specific business culture training programme for your staff?

"As a Certified Business Culture Trainer (BCTC),International House, London) I can tailor-make seminars to suit the needs of the participants and provide the relevant backup information for your target audience/ market/ culture. I have lectured on Swedish business culture and intercultural differences for companies such as Ikea, Tetra Pak, Beijjer Electronics, ESS; organisations such as Lund University, Malmö stad and   more."
/ Vanessa Poole   Chief Executive Trainer


Short seminars 
Hire a Speaker

Life in Sweden. Hire a speaker: Inspirational Intercultural lecture on "Sweden & the Swedes" or another target business culture - for events, kick-offs or half-day as a workshop.

Complete  Intercultural Training

In-depth Business Culture Sensitivity training 1-2-3 day workshops for ex-pats, international staff , either preparing staff and families for working life in Sweden or other countries, when facing a new market, or preparing to do business with a specific target culture.



People will happily listen all day to acutely-observed stories about the Americans, the Japanese, the Swedes and the French.

What will you be able to do differently as a result?

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