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Presentation Technique Training

Let's make you the best you can be

"The English language is our speciality. But our presentation technique & skills training can be applied in any language. I have 30 years' experience of public speaking and performing in English, of teaching Business English and tailor-made English to groups and one-to-ones. I know how to get the message across, clearly and with impact, and can help your staff to do so. It isn’t easy. It takes preparation, practise and perseverance. But it is possible. "

Vanessa Poole    Chief Executive Trainer     Opus Anglia


English not perhaps your first language?

Do you need to give presentations? 

Negotiate? Sell? Convince? Explain? Mediate?

In any presentation your success is based 50 % on what you say - content. 50 % on your performance. You need to be equally good at both. We provide presentation technique training in English or Swedish

Public Speaking for your Organisation

English presentation skills
1-2-3 step sessions
For Individual Coaching or Teams

If you want to initiate a change of attitude and behaviour, if you want your staff to learn and implement new COMMUNICATION skills, it is not instant. The solution is ideally a three-step programme where in a  supportive environment you and /or your team can receive input on  performance, what they are doing great and what perhaps can be changed. 

Get tips & techniques on the basics and fine-tuning, dare to try out successful techniques and end up  feeling more confident. You need to know what you are doing and practise to get it right! We all know - practice makes perfect!


Day 1

input: Inspirational lecture. Techniques & tools. Know yourself. How effective are you? What are good techniques for getting your message across?

Day 2

Follow-up: Put the tools into practise. Planning. So what could you do differently?

Day 3

Re-cap : Try Out & Feedback. Let's get this right!

This is a tailor-made course aimed at organisations who wish to provide realistic training with concrete results, for individuals and teams.

This training course will give you the skills and confidence you need to deliver effective business presentations; whether to improve your presentation skills in general or to fine-tune before a specific event.

You will not only learn the appropriate language and techniques to use but you will also have the opportunity to practise delivering presentations - some of which your tutor can film - and receive feedback.



on this course you will learn how to:

•Implement good presentation techniques

•Minimise nervousness

•Plan an effective English presentation

•Make use of visuals

•Use appropriate English vocabulary for business English presentations

•Engage your audience. Make an impact

•Speak more confidently and clearly


After the course you will have:

1.Identified your needs, your communicative strengths & weaknesses

2.Learnt practical tips & techniques on planning & delivery for public speaking

3.Received feedback & constructive criticism on your presentation performance

4.Have had time to practise & improve



Individual Presentation Training

I can help you to re-write or re-structure your presentation. To avoid ‘Death by Power point’. To rehearse and speak convincingly so that your message has the best possible pre-conditions of hitting home.


Half-day Seminar on Presentation Skills

Need a quick fix? Some inpiration? An eye-opener? A refresher course in good presentation skills? We happily provide a half-day inspirational seminar.

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